Kitchen Benchtops – Laminate, Duropal

Selecting and installing a Duropal laminate benchtop is a popular solution when deciding on your kitchen benchtop.

Laminate is affordable, durable, and available in attractive styles, colours and designs, differing greatly to the tacky patterns that you might have encountered in your Granny’s kitchen or a home built in the 1970’s. Duropal is one of the most popular laminate manufacturers in the world, with their elegant designs that mimic actual quartz, granite, crystal, and marble looking kitchen countertops.

Duropal, a German based company that has been at the forefront of the benchtop industry for over 50 years, has since expanded their operations into Australia and the UK with their creative innovations, new textures and longer production presses.

The main advantage of buying a Duropal kitchen is selection. The company boasts 61 different styles available in gloss, speckle, wood grain, and faux stone. You can design your kitchen virtually any way you want, or match a new countertop to an existing style, matching current décor, kitchen accessories and appliances.

Duropal laminate is available in two profiles, the Quadra and the Classic. You can also choose Duropal benchtops from three different finishes – high gloss, matt finish, and stone texture – available in all patterns.

Duropal laminate is also a great option for young families, as the material used has a special seal that prevents moisture, steam and scratches, battling through the elements thrown its way, typical of an active family or for those who enjoy entertaining.

Pros of Choosing Duropal

  • Respected industry leader with a history of quality.
  • Wide selection of 61 different patterns.
  • Sealed finish with various textures gives your kitchen a genuine look and feel.

Cons of Duropal Laminates

  • Despite special sealing, Duropal benchtops still succumb to the imperfections of laminate.
  • Care must be given when chopping, using heat, and around the joints of the benchtops.
  • High gloss and dark colors look elegant but are more prone to show scratches and cuts.

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