modern provincial kitchen with carrara marble, custom made mantel and shaker profile

The mantel is the focal feature of this kitchen which brims with classic details. As part of a stylish extension, designed to complement the character of the rest of the home, the kitchen presents a classical twist on tradition, from the materials chosen to the contemporary take on old-fashioned ideals.

The owners wanted a Shaker kitchen and so the simple profile of the doors, specialist hand-painting and honed marble benchtops made a perfect combination. Feature leg details to the kicker were also high on the wish list as a little something decorative to embellish the simplicity. The mantel was the central feature of the kitchen, sitting between two windows and providing a focal point from the other areas in the open-plan extension. By not extending the mantel down to the benchtop, the feeling of space is optimised and practical work space saved. A large central island provides a spacious meeting place for family and friends, allowing the social interaction of children and friends at the breakfast bar while not obstructing the “chef”.

Functionality was a key consideration, needing lots of drawers and practical storage solutions. A walk-in pantry (finished in the same materials) provides additional space, with provision for a coffee machine and microwave, which are clearly visible from the kitchen.

The strategic positioning of an oil and spice rack near the cooktop keeps them out of the pantry and in the cooking zone, where they are more easily accessible. The bin was placed in the island, in the main prepping area rather than near the sink, and a tea towel rail was included to keep them tidily hidden away.

With plenty of natural light, and clean, polished floorboards, this kitchen is a perfect example of classic and modern elegance coming together in picture-perfect harmony.

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Design: The Kitchen Place
Text: Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol.21 No.1