South Yarra Contemporary Kitchen

“Complex and challenging” would best describe the design brief for the transformation of this kitchen, set in the back of a 1980s extension in a pretty Italianate, two-storey Victorian terrace house. Typically, Victorian houses are narrow, and this house was no exception. The previous kitchen dated back to the extension and, although quite functional, required an update and a rethink.

Apart from facilitating a family-sized working kitchen, the brief presented to designer Bruce Goode of The Kitchen Place was to include a concealed working laundry to house more than just a washing machine, as the family has young children. Further more, there was the need for a desk/bench/phone/computer area, which could facilitate all the various family activities connected with such a space.

Increasingly, computer access is required in what has become an extension of the modern kitchen, namely the associated living area. Again, being a narrow space, the transition from kitchen to living space, with all the necessary storage/access/visual solutions folding seamlessly into one, was a core part of the client brief.

The design solution is evident in the final multi-purpose product. Creating a well laid out laundry was made easier by concealing it behind foldaway doors, which allows for easy access once the doors are open and for the laundry to “disappear” when closed.

There were also significant changes made to the kitchen’s layout for added functionality. “The kitchen island was achieved by moving the sink, fridge and cooking area to the outer (window) wall,” says Bruce. “The large centre bench then provides what islands always do: a place to prepare, eat, sit and be together with family and friends.”

Along the opposite wall are numerous storage solutions combined into one seamless area. Wine storage, a pantry, appliance cabinet, schoolbag storage and desk area with seating, plus some open display shelves, lead the space artfully into the family living area.

Top-name fixtures and fittings have also been incorporated – numerous drawers, a bin solution, bench space in all the right places, a well-positioned wine fridge and more than adequate seating – which combine to create a glamorous and family sized working kitchen.

“Finished in Emporite, capped with Caesarstone and interspersed with toughened Colour Back glass, this kitchen looks as beautiful as it is functional,” says Bruce. “The repolish and repair of the existing timber floor, coupled with the repainting of the room and appropriate lighting, finished the job to a high level.”

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Design: The Kitchen Place
Text: Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol.19 No.3