Kitchen Splashbacks in Melbourne

Choosing your ideal kitchen splashback

As a key focal point in your kitchen, your splashback needs to be easy to clean and suitably stylish to fit in with the rest of your kitchen. Splashbacks are a really hardworking element of your kitchen and they need to be able to withstand intense heat, splashes and cleaning, day after day. Affixed to walls with a reliable waterproof bonding agent, splashbacks protect walls from spills, splatters and high temperatures, acting as a durable shield. A uniquely designed splashback can bring your kitchen to life, acting as a statement element or a subtle design feature.

With Melbourne’s most stylish and successfully designed kitchens in our portfolio, we aim to inspire you in finding the perfect material, style and installation for your splashback. Our creative kitchen design team draws upon over 35 years of experience to bring harmony to the heart of your home.


Glass splashbacks are very popular in contemporary homes as they offer a very modern look. They offer a functional and subtle reflection that brightens up kitchens and gives a vibrant feel. With fewer seaming and join marks through accurate cutting in long sheets, glass splashbacks appear smart and help to deter mould and mildew. Read more about Glass Splashbacks.


Tiles are the timeless splashback choice and are durable and easy to clean in either porcelain or ceramic that’s waterproof once installed. Different coloured tiles also offer the ability for creativity to prevail in your kitchen design. Read more about Tile Splashbacks.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a sleek choice for splashbacks. It is very easy to keep clean and creates a great industrial style that blends in with appliances of the same material as well as adding a unique contrast to wood. Ideal for loft-style apartments or for giving a bold contemporary style when renovating old rooms, this durable material is a great option. Read more about Stainless Steel Splashbacks.

Natural Stone – Granite & Marble

Granite stone splashbacks can create a rustic and calming atmosphere in your home. Softer and more subtle, marble also has a high-end feel. These luxuriously natural materials look incredible with other natural elements like wooden benchtops or even industrial style stainless steel appliances.


Reconstituted stone splashbacks are one of the latest kitchen features in the industry today. The manufacturing process creates a product with the physical properties of a natural stone application but with a more polished and refined look.


Laminate is an affordable and versatile splashback choice for many homeowners. Much like a laminate floor is a picture of wood covered by protective materials, a laminate splashback invokes many of those same principles. With around 300 different design options, this flexible material is perfect for many different environments.


Acrylic is bright and reflective, bringing light and colour to kitchens. As a transparent material that is available in a range of colours, acrylic is a great alternative to glass splashbacks.

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