Kitchen Splashbacks – Glass

Modern, clean-looking and incredibly stylish, our glass splashbacks in Melbourne give a bright and airy feel to your kitchen.

As a relatively new material to be used for splashbacks, glass has a very contemporary style that works well in minimalist kitchens, where light and space are paramount. Its smooth surface with minimal joins makes it difficult for bacteria to build up and really easy for you to keep clean and shiny, ensuring you’ll always experience that new kitchen gleam that’s enhanced by the material’s light-reflective qualities.

Glass splashbacks come in a range of colours, from pale to subtle hues to the very bold, vibrant and colourful statement pieces in a room. As one of the leading suppliers of glass splashbacks in Melbourne, we can help you make your splashback blend in or become a focal point in your kitchen.

Aside from looking great, glass has some really practical benefits that make it a truly viable material for kitchen splashbacks. When it’s toughened, it’s heat resistant so you can enjoy cooking without worrying that you might damage it. Toughened glass splashbacks will protect your walls and retain their polished surface, even when they get really hot.

We understand the benefits of using glass splashbacks.


Available in many shades or simply clear, coloured glass splashbacks can provide either a zesty or a very minimal finishing touch to your kitchen and its light reflective surface brightens and lightens for a feel-good glow.


Glass is cut into long sheets to create splashbacks so there are fewer joins than other splashback materials, reducing the build up of mould and providing you with a smooth, easy to clean surface.

Heat Resistance

Toughened glass splashbacks are heat resistant up to 220ºC so that you can be confident that they will protect your walls and retain their glossy appearance.

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Our kitchen splashbacks are manufactured to the highest standards and come in a range of variations:

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