Kitchen Splashbacks – Stainless Steel

Offering sleek, industrial style for your home’s centre of activity, stainless steel is one of the most durable and hygienic materials available, making it ideal for your kitchen splashbacks.

Blending seamlessly with many appliances, stainless steel splashbacks also offer unrivalled germ protection in your kitchen, thanks to their non-porous finish. Easily wiping clean to remove residue and grease from cooking, these contemporary splashbacks help you to retain a spotless and hygienic environment.

Our stainless steel splashbacks in Melbourne are tough and resilient, working hard for you in the busiest room in the house but their utilitarian style can be softened by pairing them with natural materials, allowing them to contrast beautifully against wooden benchtops.

Unlike other kitchen splashback options, there are no pretty colours to choose from – just good, practical wall protection that resists stains, heat and fashion trends.

We understand the benefits of using stainless steel splashbacks.

Heat resistance

The ability to withstand high temperatures is a key factor in the practicality of a splashback and stainless steel effectively protects your walls from the heat of hob tops whilst you’re cooking.

Stain resistance

A simple wipe is all this versatile material needs for marks and splashes to be removed so it retains its uniform look for years to come.

Contemporary style

Ideal for modern kitchens and loft-style spaces, stainless steel gives rooms a great industrial look that also adds artistic contrast against natural materials.

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Our kitchen splashbacks are manufactured to the highest standards and come in a range of variations:

» Glass Splashbacks
» Tile Splashbacks