How to recycle pallets and pallets in a creative way

In all factories, large and small, and on construction sites, they represent a permanent presence. We are talking about pallets , or pallets , the natural wood structures used for the transport of all types of material.

Lightweight, easy to assemble, in recent years it has also inspired the minds of designers and architects but also of simple do-it-yourself enthusiasts, who have indulged in solutions to recycle them. For example, our Giulia who, with this material, has created a DIY pallet table .

Creative recycling of pallets: examples for home and garden
This container has a considerable aesthetic potential, both as a furnishing accessory and for the renovation and construction of entire buildings. Distinctive feature: the reduced impact on the environment.

The pallet can be designed to completely cover a wall. An example is provided by the modular bookcase signed by the designer Flavia Della Pellegrina, organized starting from a system of wooden slats.

And again, from the pallet you can get cots for children or spacious bases for the double bed , as well as imaginative low furniture . Architects Alessandra Sansone and Paco Serinelli have looked even further, presenting “Paletina” at the Eco Kitchen 2012 competition. It is an island kitchen made entirely with pallets!